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Starting Your Own Business

downloadStarting your own business is…an adventure! It’s scary, it’s challenging, it consumes every aspect of your life, but it’s rewarding as hell!

Here’s a brief history of how I got there. I studied Fine Art at University and as is usually the case my first job had nothing to do with art. But I was lucky enough to be working for a small family run business, so I moulded my job and day by day showed them my artistic side until a new job was created and I was in charge of design and advertising. In my second job I did the same. I worked long hours creating design for businesses constantly thinking “why am I doing this for such little pay and no appreciation, I could be doing this for myself”. So I did.

In 2014 I got my break. I got pregnant. It was the only way I was going to get the courage to leave my job. I knew I would have a few months off for maternity leave, so what better time to test the waters and see if I could make it. Absolute madness! Who decides to start a business when they have a brand new time consuming baby about to arrive?

I sat on the sofa, unable to move due to the increased vastness of my ever growing tummy. But it was perfect. People say to relax, but I worked hard instead. I set up a website, contacted some local business and off I went. Three years later and here we are.

It’s not been easy. Yes it gives me the opportunity to stay at home with my little one instead of going out to work, which, for me, is fantastic. But it’s bloody exhausting. She naps, I work. She sleeps, I work. You don’t get the luxury of coming home from work and winding down. Home is your work and the two never leave each other’s side.

I am very lucky that I had the opportunity to do this, but it took a lot of determination and hard work. Starting your own business is not an easy thing to do, but if you really want it you can do it. I am only a fraction of the way three years down the line. But one day…one day I’ll have the success that I strive for, and all the effort will have paid off.

If you want it, you can do it! x